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Fanplastic is fully made of rust resistant materials.
It was designed and constructed without turbulent elements to avoid dust deposits, impurities or anything else found in any environment, eliminating annoying maintenance.
Bearing are permanently self-lubricating and purposely oversized, guaranteeing maximum maintenance-free durability.

Ventilatore RR140

The single volume bearing frame is made of polyethylene (patented) to grant the fan many important advantages:
• greater durability
• lack of vibrations
• more silent operation
• long lasting
• resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative frame, it is the only one with a conveyor that extends for the entire fan depth, permitting more air flow and thus higher capacity with limited energy consumption.

Ventilatore RR140 Retro

Protection mesh is standard installed according to European regulations on both sides of the fan.

Ventilatore RR140 e RR100


Ventilatore RRS140

The fan is made up of six stainless steel blades characterised by a special profile designed to provide greater air flow at low rpm, keeping the noise and energy consumption levels at a minimum.

Threaded holes are included on the sides of the frame to secure the fan where lifting rings can be screwed in to hook them to a chain or brackets for wall mount.

Ventilatore RRS140 Retro

The electric motor was designed and manufactured specifically for the FANPLASTIC series, thus achieving higher operating yield at real and heavy-duty work conditions. All motors have variable speed, IP55 type, F insulation class, cooled by their fans.

Ventilatore RRS140 e RRS100
Serranda Ventilatore

The automatic opening shutters are balanced with counter-weights and characterised by gentle movement and thus particularly accurate and silent

Tenzione Ventilatore

The trapezoidal belt is simply tensioned from inside the fan using a specific and practical tensioner.

Carcassa Ventilatore

The frame is the only one on the market to be made of a single polyethylene block, eliminating oxidation and guaranteeing maximum durability. (patented)



Disegno Tecnico
Specifications and dimensions   Model 140 Model 100
Dimension A (mm) 1385 1090
Dimension B (mm) 1385 1090
Dimension C (mm) 340 350
Dimension D (mm) 425 435
Dimension E (mm) 286 266
Dimension F (mm) 1310 1015
Dimension G (mm) 40 37,5
Dimension H (mm) 30 42
Dimension I Ø (mm) 1280 950
Nominal flow ∆P=0 (m3/h) 40500 26000
Nominal fan speed (rpm) 450 640
Fanplastic RR weight (Kg) 64,5 43
Fanplastic RRS weight (Kg) 80 55,5
Number of blades   6 6
Maximum working temperature   11 8
Number of shutter blades (°C) 50 50
Motor power (hp/Kw) 1/0,75 1/0,75
Electrical motor IEC protection grade   IP55 IP55
Electric motor windings insulation class   F F
The fan was tested according to UNI standards without shutter and without protection mesh. The capacity and technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.


FANPLASTIC, thanks to its construction simplicity, is extremely versatile for used wherever air ventilation is required: farms, industries and greenhouses.

Ventilazione trasversale

Cross ventilation

Ventilazione longitudinale

Longitudinal ventilation

Ventilazione di ricircoloRecirculation ventilation

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