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Mangimificio Mial

Main machines:
Dose trailer with rotating tank scale, 0.5 t capacity, lower dosed product collection hopper with 200 mm diameter auger extractor.
Hammer mill with 0.7 m2 grate surface, 75 Kw motor, 2-pole, front grate extraction with mill running, 21 m2 filtering surface sleeve filter, 4 Kw power fan and counter air current cleaning.
Fast blade mixer with 1 m3 working capacity, rotating tank for fast and complete mixed product unloading, settings for liquid additives, mixed product collection hopper with 200 mm diameter auger extraction, 420 mm diameter plate dice press, 110 Kw 6-pole motor, available with:
Thermodynamic conditioner, fast plate replacement system (FIXOMAT), automatic roller-plate distance adjustment system (FIXOROLL), automatic roller slipping detection system (CAR).
Static cooler in counter air current, 1.65 x 1.65 m dimension, with encoder controlled hydraulic powered oscillating surface discharge.
Crumbler rolling mill with 250 mm diameter and 1 m long grooved rollers, built-in electro-pneumatic powered by-pass. 7.5 Kw main motor. Available with automatic distance adjustment between rollers with 0.37 Kw encoder controlled gear motor.
1000 mm diameter rotating sieve, driven by a 1.5 Kw 5 t/h power gear motor.

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