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With our technical staff's experience, gained over forty years of operations in this sector, we are able to design and construct any type of feed production system.

Each system must be calibrated for its specific function and in consideration of the geographical area in which it is installed.

There are no pre-packaged formulas, supplanted by the need for an accurate analysis of the customer's needs, a detailed survey of available space and specific design to meet the set goals, optimising the solution from the technical and economic standpoints.

This is our mission, total customer satisfaction, that we can fully achieve since we also design and construct all the electro-instrumental systems and supervision software that automatically controls the entire system in-house.
Working with us, the customer is assisted by a single contact and this is a significant advantage that is often overlooked.
Our machine production covers all animal feed production areas, from raw material receipt to storage, transport, main and secondary machines such as mills, mixers, molasses pumps, dice presses, coolers, crumblers, sieves to bagging scales and palletizers from our partner company MF Tecno S.r.l.

We are able to design and construct all the metallic building carpentry in-house meaning sheds, processing towers, machinery support structure, etc.

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